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Living a long life could well be in your future and planning for it is a necessity. Have you thought about the consequences to loved ones if you should become frail or have a cognitive impairment and need care over a period of years? Having a plan is important to: 1) Maintain your independence for as long as possible without compromising the emotional and physical well being of those you love. 2) Preserve your retirement
With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, there SPF requirements are receiving new attention. On November 21, 2000, The Department of Labor (DOL) published regulations on the information that must be included in Summary Plan Descriptions (SPD) for both pension and welfare benefit plans. Employers who offer any type of benefit plan, including life insurance, medical, dental, vision, disability, wellness and employee assistance plans are required to provide and maintain a wrap SPD and
We plan carefully to ensure that we have a good retirement income, but does that include money set aside to meet increasing medical expenses? Recent medical advances that improve our lives have now changed the way we all need to plan for retirement. Many diseases like heart attacks, cancer and diabetes have now become chronic illnesses instead of being sure paths to early death. According to a recent article in “USA Today,” as the population
Impact of Affordable Care Act on COBRA.     Many people are confused about the cost of COBRA and how it has been affected by the Affordable Care Act.  To understand the cost, it is important to know that the cost gap between employer-based and individual coverage has closed dramatically since 2009.  Because group coverage has always been guaranteed issue, rates were typically higher on a group plan than they were if you could qualify for
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